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Never let ignorance stand in the way of progress.

Ignorance is cured by education and experience.

There is no known cure for stupidity.


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Police Sketch Disparaged

Until it worked!


Earth Rise From The Moon

Not humor, but really cool


Hillary’s New Book

A very brief synopsis


Sunday Funnies  01/05/14

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In Defense of the 2nd Amendment

By Penn and Teller, no less

In Defense of the 3rd Amendment

By the Crash Test Dummy. Really!

In Defense of the 4th Amendment

Senator Rand Paul




  Old Barns and Old People

                    Old Truths...

This is the third version of Hutsler.Net


The first two were such resounding failures based on their world-wide interest, that I decided to try once more to use this space to try and learn more about the world around me, how to communicate with it and, ever optimistic, how to have some small influence on it.


Even if I am the only one who ever comes here, this site does provide the following socially redeemable values:


1) A way for me to vent my frustration with some of the idiocy that makes up the current American culture


2) A way for me to keep active in learning more about computers, the internet and communications techniques


If anyone else stops here, reads, thinks, giggles or just plain disagrees with anything, feel free to let me know. I’ll feel free to either publish your reactions or ignore you. All at my sole discretion.

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